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BAYIT is dedicated to encouraging and promoting social meetings, networking, and events among Jews in Europe. Our goal is to build a warm, welcoming, and intercultural community that nurtures and supports the Jewish home, Jewish life, and Jewish Traditions.  


Based in Vienna, BAYIT is a non-profit organization that organizes events and weekends around Europe that are inclusive to the Jewish family and caters to the needs of Jewish young adults across Europe seeking to establish their homes and lives on the bases of Jewish values and tradition.


We arrange and subsidize retreats and seminars around Europe which bring together young people from around the world with the above aspirations and give them a chance to socialize and meet potential dates. Well-thought programs including inspiring lectures and enlightening discussion panels alongside city tours and fun-filled activities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To connect young Jews in Europe, create relationships that can develop in the business direction or end up in long-lasting friendships, some even marriage

  • To connect the dots and draw bridges between young Jewish professionals among themselves and between them and companies and corporations, that will encourage development and serve as a fruitful ground for success and accomplishment on a business and personal level as well.

  • To strengthen the young Jewish community in Europe by fostering the young members in ways that will lead to success, strength, and unity of the community as a whole and the individuals within it.


Our Vision

  • A platform for young Jewish professionals for networking and professional advancement, providing networking and learning opportunities in business and marketing skills as well as worldwide connections and opportunities, in both the Jewish and professional realms alike. 

  • A community that connects young Jewish professionals with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. A space for career opportunities and connections for companies and individuals.

  • An annual conference and Seminars throughout the year which are intended to gather young Jewish professionals from across the globe and offer professional growth and development as well as career networking opportunities.

  • Local monthly meetings provide an opportunity to expand one's network and market themselves.

  • A potential new project of loans that would be offered to young Jewish businessmen and women in order to help them get their business idea going.

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