About us

BAYIT is dedicated to encouraging and promoting social meetings, networking, and events among Jews in Europe. Our goal is to build a warm, welcoming, and intercultural community that nurtures and supports the Jewish home, Jewish life, and traditions.  


Based in Vienna, BAYIT is a non-profit organization that organizes events and weekends around Europe that are inclusive to the Jewish family and caters to the needs of Jewish young adults across Europe seeking to establish their home and lives on the bases of Jewish values and tradition.


We arrange and subsidize retreats and seminars around Europe which bring together young adults from around the world with the above aspirations and give them a chance to socialize and meet potential dates. Well-thought programs include inspiring lectures and enlightening discussion panels alongside city tours and fun-filled activities.


Tova & Moshe Starik - Founders
Betty Chalegoua - Project management

Betty is a Master graduate from “International Management and Leadership” at Lauder Business School in Vienna. The last 10 years of her life she lives in Vienna and her dream is to pursue a career in there and build a Jewish family.

Betty has over five years of experience in managing, organizing and coordinating international Jewish events with participants from all over the world. Her positive and optimistic attitude in combination with her enthusiasm on dealing with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds keeps her committed to the ongoing process of learning how to deal with people from various cultures.

Contact us

Email: office@bayitseminars.com

WhatsApp and office:  +43-678-126-3588