Event for Young Jewish Professionals


Madrid, Spain

pROGRAM details

Dates: TBU


Who: Exclusive group of Young Jewish Professionals, ages 20-40.


Where: In the city of Madrid, Spain with a Friday trip to Toledo. 

Accommodation: Marriott hotel in Madrid.

Fee: Starting from €349, all included.

What: Unique gathering of young Jewish professionals. Exclusive opportunity to participate in international social gathering, guided sightseeing throughout Madrid & the old city Toledo, a middle age center of a vibrant Jewish life.


Why Madrid and Toledo

We don't really have to explain to you what Spain means as a world super power in the medieval times and especially in the realms of Jewish history. Madrid was the capital and Toledo, well Toledo still has a magical Jewish experience with its 2 oldest and so beautiful Jewish synagogues. If you really want to read more, you have it all in this Wikipedia page



Guided tours by professionals are organised in a way so that we visit all main attractions in Madrid and Toledo. We will meander through the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter in Toledo to get an idea of what life used to be for the Jews who lived in the medieval times. We will visit the ancient synagogues and streets where famous Jewish sages and masters lived.  We will also have a guided tour in Madrid and visit the main attractions in town.

Shabbat experience

A rich Shabbat program will include inspiring talks, festive meals and fun with friends.


The event starts at 18:00 o'clock, TBA, at the hotel in Madrid (Check in will be open from 14:00) and will end Sunday 13:30 in Madrid city center.


The accommodation is at a 4-star hotel in Madrid, and is reachable with public transportation form the Madrid-Barajas Airport (45 min).


We recommend you to take part in the entire program, but if you can arrive only late in the evening or on Friday, you are also welcome and we can offer you a reduced fee for 3 days only.

Pay attention to this basic agenda and plan your arrival accordingly:

Thursday evening - Madrid (Hotel, Restaurant in the city center)

Friday - We leave at 8:00 to Toledo (one hour drive) until 15:00, then we prepare for Shabbat at the hotel.

Shabbat - We have our services and meals at the hotel.

Shabbat night (Motsei Shabbat) - We will hang out in the city center.

Sunday - We leave for a guided tour in Madrid city center. 

The full and details agenda will be send privately with participants close to the event.